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Nutrition Client

Hi! My name is Madisen Donahue and I recently realized that becoming a new pet owner can be frightening, especially when you don’t know exactly what your pets may need to be healthy and happy! A few weeks ago my Fiancé and I decided to take in two baby kittens—Margo & YoYo. I contacted Lexi because I wanted to be sure that I started my “kiddos” as I call them... on the right track. I live in Louisiana, but this didn’t stop Lexi from reaching out and providing me with the best nutrition options available for Margo & YoYo. She emailed me a detailed document of different types of wet food, dry food, raw food, and even the best types of litter that can be used. Margo & YoYo are happy and thriving. Lexi helped me figure out what was best for their health while still being several states away. I’m excited to see their growth over the next couple of months!



Training Client

My boyfriend and i got a puppy the end of February, and had no idea what we were doing. We wanted to get a trainer asap, but unfortunately quarantine left us unlucky in that department. We found Lexi, online in CO, we are in NJ and knew we wanted to give it a shot. We did a couple sessions via facetime and it has really really paid off. She was so straight forward and clear with what she wanted us to do and what her goals where for us and our puppy. She taught US proper commands, rewards & so on. Our puppy has been doing great, and such a big difference since we started. Will recommend Lexi over and over to anyone with a puppy or dog!!!
- Jacqueline Eve



Nutrition Client

This is my kitty Liam. He loves to go outside see all there is out in the world. He is young and active and I wanted to provide him the nutrition he needs in order to live his best life. [Lexi] did a great job of showing me my options, with budgeting in mind and explaining the pros and cons of various diets. She went into detail of why/how certain proteins, vitamins, and supplements, etc benefit my cat given the proper amounts and warned me of synthetic/unnecessary [by]products in regular cat food. Now he is getting balanced meals to help him be the greatest little adventurer!



Nutrition Client

A few months ago, our baby girl Tillie started scratching non-stop. We tried everything we could think of and nothing helped. I got in touch with Lexi with Barking Bubz for advice,  because our veterinarian wanted to put her on allergy pills. I had seen the transformation in Lexi's dog Vector and decided to try a more natural approach. Lexi sent me a nutritional break down of the food we were feeding as well as her recommendations that were in our price range. After about a week on her new food we noticed a decrease in her scratching, after one month she was no longer suffering with the allergies that were being caused by her old dog food. We had her on a premium dog food before so we thought we were doing the right thing by purchasing it for her. Turns out that even some of the more expensive dog foods can still have fillers and unwanted ingredients which lead to her reaction to the food. I do recommend Barking Bubz to anyone needing help with nutritional information for their dogs health.
-Dawn Huddleston



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