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Dogs with Dog Walker


Barking Bubz provides holistic pet care options for dogs and cats of all breeds and ages. Our motto is healthy pets from head to tail, and we mean it! We know that dogs and cats are more than just pets, they are family! We provide relationship based dog training, holistic pet nutrition, and desensitized grooming. We work to bridge the communication gap between you and your pets.  

Relationship Based Dog Training: a method of training that uses the cooperative relationship between the trainer and the animal to achieve mutually beneficial results, while at the same time enhancing and strengthening their relationship. This means that as Barking Bubz dog trainers, our ultimate goal is to develop a strong emotional and physical bond between owner and dog. While the trainers focus on positive reinforcement methods (treats, praise, and love), they do use some corrections to form boundaries (clapping hands, “no”, collar correction) which dogs use in their natural communication with one another. Corrections will not be used without parent permission and will only be used if absolutely necessary. 

A free dog training consultation is required to initiate all dog training options. During the dog training consultation, our trainers will design a training plan that is catered to you and your dogs needs. Our trainers will recommend one of our session options or package options to meet those established needs. You are always welcome to adjust or choose a different session option, add-on to the session option, or purchase a package.

Please keep in mind that dog training must becomes a part of your lifestyle once established in order for your newly fixed/created behaviors to stick! Always think C.P.R. (Consistency, Patience, and Repetition). If you have a difficult time keeping up with the training, consider one of our long term training packages (Gold Pack or Expert Dog Walk Pack).

Always remember, it is never too early or late to train your dog! We provide training for every type of behavior and are happy to help.


Our one stop shop for you to participate in your pup's training. In this course we will coach you to work on your desired goals such as: general basic obedience, leash manners, rehabilitating leash reactivity, leash aggression, fear aggression, separation anxiety, jumping, mouthing, whining, barking, chewing, potty training, crate/kennel training and more. We offer sessions in 1 hour segments. This service must be performed with the owner present to work on the behaviors as a team. A free consultation is required before the first session.

Interested in making your *family dog a service dog or looking to start a puppy on service dog training. This is the service for your goals. We specialize in diabetic service dog training, PTSD service dog training, psychiatric service dog training, autism service dog training, and other medical alert service dog training.* Note: Not every dog is made to be a service dog. We will make assessments and work torwards the role of a service dog.

Check out our Bronze, Silver, and Gold packages! The Bronze package covers the typical amount of time it takes to establish a couple topics. The Silver package is perfect for more complex behavior changes like reactivity or aggression. Finally, the Gold package is great for service dog training or keeping your dog fluent in their training. Dog training is like learning a language. If you do not use it, you lose it!


Join us for a fun 4 week dog training group class at the K9 Rec Center teaching your beloved companion to make eye contact, sit, lay down, stay, and come. We will also cover naughty behaviors like jumping and barking.


Barking Bubz offers a 4 week puppy group class at the K9 Rec Center that focuses on early training. Learn how to prevent damage to your home and furniture. We will also cover topics like kennel training, potty training, and desensitization to grooming and veterinary practices, preventing barking, whining, jumping, and biting. Additionally, you will learn how to prevent excessive fear and create a confident, respectful dog. There will also be a period during each class where the puppies can play with guidance on how to do so appropriately. Finally, you will learn to teach your puppy to make eye contact, sit, lay down, and come.


Have you ever wondered how to get your dog to stop pulling on the leash? This 4 week class at the K9 Rec Center is designed to teach you and your dog how to walk with loose-leash manners. You will also learn how to gain your dog's attention when walking, ignore other dogs/people, and stop your dog from dragging you to smells.

After completion of the group class, you and your pooch may join our weekly pack walk group for a discounted rate! This will help maintain what you have learned.


Enroll in private dog training sessions for any behavior. Typical goals are: 

  • Behavioral Problems

  • Leash Reactivity/Aggression

  • Boundaries

  • Anxiety

  • Maintaining Obedience/Manners

  • Service, Emotional Support, & Therapy Dog Training

It is recommended that pet parents participate in these sessions, however training may be performed while your pet is in doggy daycare at the K9 Rec Center.


You send your kids to school, why not your dog? We believe in furthering and maintaining your dog's education by performing basic obedience, developing manners, promoting respect, continuing leash manners, and making a well-rounded pooch. Join us for the session or drop your pup off for a day of play with training sessions at the K9 Rec Center.


Our Enhanced Dog Walking service is perfect for that energetic pup or a heavy puller. We teach your dogs loose leash manners and eye contact while walking on leash to create the perfect walker! We offer sessions in 30 minute segments. This service is provided without the owner present as an enriched form of exercise. If you would like to be involved int the leash manners training, please schedule our Elite In-Home Dog Training service. A free consultation is required before the first session.

Check out our Basic Dog Walk Pack, Intermediate Walker, and Expert Dog Walk Pack. The Basic Dog Walk Pack covers the introductory information for your pup's new leash manners. The Intermediate Walker package will help your dog maintain appropriate leash manners. The Expert Dog Walk Pack will fully solidify your pup's leash manners training, creating the perfect walker. 


Our One-on-One Dog Play service is unique. One-on-One Dog Play is a perfect fit for social dogs that need to burn off some energy. It is also fantastic for puppies just learning how to socialize and communicate with new dogs. When dog's are one-on-one, we can focus on appropriate behaviors that may be too difficult to work on in a large doggy daycare or dog park group. An appropriately trained and socialized dog will be provided for excited play! We teach your pups appropriate socialization, like bite inhibition, taking breaks, avoiding mounting caused by overstimulation, and "come" no matter the situation. A backyard is required for the safety of both pets! Or training may take place at the K9 Rec Center. We offer sessions in 30 minute segments. This service can be performed with the owner present as a dog training course or without the owner present as an enriched form of exercise. A free consultation is required before the first session. Warning: Injuries happen. Trained dogs are not infallible. There is always a possibility of scrapes, bruises, cuts, punctures, etc.


Do you have a high energy crazy pupper? This is the service for you! Lure coursing involves a dog (or multiple) chasing after a flag. It is designed to initiate the dog's natural instinct to chase prey (rabbits, squirrels, etc.). Since it initiates this natural instinct we can also use it as a training tool to teach the dog to leave prey and stop pulling their owners over to chase a squirrel. We offer sessions in 30 minute segments. This service can be performed with the owner present as a dog training course or without the owner present as an enriched form of exercise. A free consultation is required before the first session.


Do you want to be involved in your dog's exercise but walking isn't cutting it? Give bikejoring a try! In this two part course, we cover how to safely bike with your dog, the tools you will need, and the commands to use. We offer sessions in 45 minute segments. This service can be performed with the owner present as a dog training course or without the owner present as an enriched form of exercise. If you plan to participate, please have a bicycle or large tired scooter available. You must be stable while in motion on the bike to participate. A free consultation is required before the first session.


We all know how brutal the winters can be in Colorado. Barking Bubz is proud to provide your pup an outlet during those frigid weeks. The best part? We provide a mobile treadmill for the session!


Our Enriched Day Care service is perfect for dogs who are left home alone for extended periods of time. We provide a much needed potty break for your pup. In addition, we will burn off some of their excess energy by training to play fetch and playing some brain games. These will help make your dog's day more well-rounded so they will be happy and tired when you come home. Say goodbye to destructive behaviors! We will also feed, medicate, and double check waters while visiting if needed. We offer sessions in 45 minute segments. A free consultation is required before the first session.


We understand that COVID 19 has affected our whole society. We want to expand our dog training options to be available through video interface for our pet parents practicing social distancing. We are providing 30 minute sessions for any training topic via video face-to-face options Skype and Duo. We want our students to continue to progress through this tumultuous time.


Coming Soon! Group walks are the best way to work on your dog's behaviors. By putting them in an intense environment, you set your dog up to be successful in any situation.

We are taking enrollment requests for March of 2022 now! Please submit a contact form to enroll.

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