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Barking Bubz Service Dog Training

Barking Bubz Service Dog Training Barking Bubz trainers will come to your home or area to help you train your current family dog or a new puppy/dog to become a service animal. We follow the IAADP training standards, using positive relationship based training methods.

Barking Bubz trains: 

Psychiatric Service Dogs (anxiety, PTSD, compulsive disorders, etc.)

These dogs provide tactile stimulation and deep pressure therapy to relieve an episode. They also are trained to circle or position themselves in front or behind the handler to provide a barrier when space is needed.

Mobility Assistance Service Dogs

These dogs are trained to retrieve objects, open doors, press automatic door buttons, and turn on lights. We do not train brace-work.

Autism/Neurodiverse Service Dogs

These dogs are trained to keep individuals with autism from running away and can also track them if they do run off. They can also interrupt harmful behavior or alert the parents of a child with autism to a potentially dangerous situation. They may also provide deep pressure therapy or tactile stimulation to help ground the individual.

Diabetic Alert Service Dogs

These dogs are trained to detect and alert to dangerous-deadly high and low blood sugar levels. They may also be trained to retrieve medication or glucose based products to help resolve the incident. Additionally, they may be trained to call 911 for a non-responsive handler.

Allergy Detection Service Dogs

These dogs are trained to detect and alert to any allergen, such as peanuts, onions, gluten, eggs, etc. 

Hearing Service Dogs

These dogs are trained to alert the handler to important sounds, such as alarm clocks, fire alarms, door bell/knocking, phone ringing, and the handler's name being called. Our handler Vanessa is happy to communicate via ASL if necessary.

Seizure Alert Service Dogs

These dogs alert to seizure activity. They do not alert before a seizure. (Some dogs are able to pick up on small imperceptible movements prior to a seizure and may alert to the oncoming seizure.) The dog will help the individual through the seizure by licking or providing deep pressure therapy. They will alert others to the seizure or keep the individual from banging their head. Additionally, they may help move the person if they fall in an unsafe location. Finally, they may call 911.​

When you train with Barking Bubz, you are the primary handler and will keep the dog in your home throughout the training and beyond. This will help the dog bond with you faster, making the training more efficient and effective. The training is personalized to the handler. Throughout your training you are encouraged to tell the trainer what would help you. Our trainers will come up with the appropriate task for the dog to fulfill your need.

Any age handler can participate in the training. It is recommended that the primary handler be 12 years or older. The primary handler will be the person who controls the dog but may send the dog to perform tasks on a younger individual.


Cost of Training: $3,600 - $22,000 (other companies charge $20,000 - $50,000)


Time frame of Training: 6 months - 2 years (training twice a week with trainer)

Ideal Service Dog Temperament:  

  • Motivated (treat, praise, and toy)

  • Desire to please

  • Desire to work

  • Calm demeanor

  • Friendly disposition

  • Loving disposition

  • Intelligent

We are happy to help you pick the right dog for your training!

Guarantee: Barking Bubz can guarantee any pet dog to be trained to perform tasks in the home. Not all dogs are suitable for public access; characteristics such as prey drive, aggression, and anxiety will deem a pet unfit for public work. These dogs may be suitable for work in the home but may be less consistent in performing tasks than others.

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