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Dog Wash


Bubz’s Bubble Bath service is perfect for the pups that are new to bathing and for those much more comfortable in the setting of their home. Every pup should be clean and happy! During the bathing appointment we lather your pups up with shampoo and conditioner. Our services will also include a nail trim and a smooth out (if your pup is okay with it), a brushing. We will also do an ear cleaning to remove any dirt and wax build up on the ear canal. Every appointment will have a different duration and cost based on the pet's coat. This service can be performed with the owner present or without the owner present. Provide your own shampoo and conditioner for no additional cost or add our hand picked, simple ingredient shampoo and conditioner in our shop section.

Our base rate for Bubz's Bubble Bath is $20. We will apply a service fee according to the mileage our professionals have to travel to provide our services (No more than $10 additional). Based off the pet's coat (coat style, degree of matting, etc.) the bather will adjust the final total after the bath. The pre-paid deposit will be applied to the final total. If no shampoo is provided, we will add an additional $10 to the total to use our hand picked, simple ingredient shampoo. All additional costs must be paid at the end of service in cash, via Venmo, or on our website through the shop tab.

Nail Clip


Our Grooming Desensitization service is designed for dogs that exhibit anxiety and fear during their grooming appointment. In this course, we help your dogs work through their anxiety from noises of the groom tools, vibrations and the feel of the grooming tools. We also desensitize them to any touching that they are uncomfortable with. We offer sessions in 30 minute segments. This service can be performed with the owner present as a dog training course or without the owner present. A free consultation is required before the first session.

*The dog may not actually be bathed in the session.